Welcome to the Backdrop CMS feature survey. This is your opportunity to help prioritize core features. The results of this survey will advise core developers as to what the community would find most valuable.

We ask you to vote for up to 10 features. These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS. You can change your vote as often as you like. You must be logged in to vote. A list of your current votes can be found on your user profile page.

All issues with the label "type - feature request" in the core issue queue should be eligible to be voted on.

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
301 [UX] CKEditor configuration: Add a label to the "button separator" button #3666
302 Provide an actual maintenance mode #3060
303 Ensure Backdrop deletes all files it puts into /tmp #3253
304 [UX] Introduce button group UI component #2643
305 Use the default date entry format for the default date display format #4646
306 Make problems with layout blocks more discoverable. #2320
307 [D8] Keep a snapshot of configuration directory in database #4212
308 [D8][UX] Merge Special Menu Items module functionality in core (allow <nolink> and <separator> menu items). #1840
309 [SR][UX][DX] Provide a `sensitivetext` formAPI element that pulls from settings as well as state #5136
310 [D8] Convert user pictures to an actual Image Field #243
311 Optimize core book module via book_cache port #976
312 [DX] Add config->getData() to match config->setData() #3902
313 [DX][UX] Keyboard shortcut for admin menu search #3564
314 [D8][WP] Move to trash instead of deleting. #2498
315 Update 'Syndicate' block allow selection of available feeds #2136
316 Flexible layout templates: Allow selecting an existing layout template, as a starting point #4115
317 [UX] do not lock the admin bar when a modal is active. #1721
318 Telemetry: Collect the Server Application Programming Interface (SAPI) #5449
319 Filter module: Add a data-path-id for internal links to make it easier to track and update internal paths #5004
320 [UX] Change user/login to /login and /user/logout to /logout #1248
321 Give details about why a permission 'has security implications' #5536
322 Allow search result display to be controlled via view modes #829
323 Garbage collection deletes files if they are inserted where filter can't find them. #3826
324 [UX] Edit view from Layout blocks page #3501
325 Provide smarter default query string key names for views exposed filters #2893
326 Options to change parent link behaviour in responsive dropdown menus #2370
327 [UX] Add a filter weight reset option so we can Show 'enabled' text filters above 'disabled' ones #4408
328 [UX] Pathauto follow-up: implement autocomplete on fields that support tokens (when the user types "[") #2017
329 Redirects write to json files? #4001
330 Security: Consider adding an option to load public forms through AJAX. #1592
331 Enable dropdown menu for menus in header block #5330
332 [UX] Layout UI: Visibility conditions: URL path: Allow browsing and selecting pages. #1129
333 Database log message is truncated at 56 characters and not configurable #5553
334 [UX] limit field tokens on node type page to fields on that type #3752
335 CKEditor: consider the new Autocomplete plugin (introduced in 4.10) for addition to core. #3357
336 CKEditor: Provide a setting to switch skins. #2729
337 Allow separate edit and display titles for field #4310
338 [UX] Automatically sanitize the value of URL alias fields (remove preceding/trailing slashes and make sure the path is not absolute). #1957
339 [D9] Add a sub theme starter kit to Basis #3914
340 Use smart dictionaries for object compression #1511
341 As view fields, titles for Pageless nodes show links even for those without access. #5214
342 Native dark mode support #4778
343 Implement sub-path aliases - a.k.a.: `subpathauto` or `path_alias_xt`in core #1418
344 [UX] Turn the installer into a 1-minute installer #467
345 [D8][UX] Add inline form errors #1040
346 Simplify Layout configuration #5592
347 Provide the option for not displaying URL settings #3664
348 Add permissions to view and use button "Clear log messages" #3056
349 Add function that returns default config #3251
350 [UX] Views/Field formatter: Count #2634
351 Consolidate user links on admin bar #4643
352 [DX] Allow nested form elements to be attached to radio and checkbox options. #2304
353 [DX] Allow enabling/disabling theme debugging via the admin UI #4211
354 Update.php should automatically apply any new configuration defaults #1832
355 [UX][DX] When a module is enabled, automatically set a message containing the link to configure #5135
356 Improve the way search (re)indexing works. #1337
357 [DX][BC] Replace module_load_include() with new, more generic function #206
358 [UX] Allow the admin bar to be shown/hidden via a toggle #970
359 [UX] Rich Text editor inserting/updating images before a file is uploaded #3900
360 [META] Use UUIDs in more places #3563
361 [D9] Add menu link support into views #4505
362 Establish a "fonts" directory in a place where it can be shared between core and contrib themes. #2127
363 [UX] Add the ability to make any standard layout template a flexible one #4114
364 [UX] Provide a theme switcher. #1711
365 Dashboard block to highlight recent and notable bug fixes or feature updates #5438
366 Add a link to the BackdropCMS.org page on module list for each module #5003
367 Do not allow modules to be enabled at all if they have conflicting config file names with any existing config. #1242
368 [UX] Layout deletion confirmation form: add more explanation and options #5511
369 Allow non-administrative users the ability to publish/unpublish/schedule content #815
370 Add a "Make Permanent" action for the manage files listing #3825
371 Front page to be configurable by language #3500
372 Refactor the generation of SQL for dates and times into the database driver #2890
373 [UX] Add a site-wide "E-mail address(es) to notify" setting #2365
374 Add layout name in class for custom layout. #2012
375 [WP][UX] Dashboard: Dismissible blocks #3996
376 Allow install profiles to be run after site creation #1591
377 Dashboard: Add a Configuration Manager widget #5322
378 Extend the "Hide path display" feature ("page-less nodes") to other core entities #4912
379 [UX] Make the theme preview thumbnail clickable and show larger version of screenshot (à la lightbox). #1127
380 [UX] Views: Offer an option for the pager to start counting from 1 instead of 0 #5566
381 [D8] Allow image fields to use any extensions the current image toolkit supports #3136
382 [UX] CKEditor: Include the Balloon Toolbar plugin introduced in 4.8, and start using it. #3356
383 Create a mechanism for dynamically determining output of file entities #2721
384 Required revision messages #4302
385 [DX][D8] Allow entity types to specify canonical and additional URIs #5212
386 When using a term reference field only show the term options that are in the current language #4774
387 [UX] Offer option to replace the help text with a help icon that toggles its visibility (on by default on mobile). #1414
388 [WP][UX] Remove "tabs" for menu local tasks, move into contextual links (and/or admin bar) #464
389 [UX] Token browser dialog: increase width (and height?). #1038
390 Create option for a cropped image style to provide consistent image size for Cards view #5593
391 [UX] Add youtube field, or video embed field to core. Integrate with media library. #3661
392 [UX] Views save/cancel buttons are at the top right #3054
393 Add node's 'Menu link titles' to views #3248
394 [UX] Add links for quick access to editing things like the layout, theme, etc. of the current page #2626
395 Allow selecting an existing date format for log messages #4621
396 VBO: Allow bulk enabling/disabling comments on existing content. #2297
397 Basis: Update box-sizing method #4208
398 [UX] Layout UI: Template radios: the way we indicate a "selected" template is too subtle (and same as the hover-over indication). #1824
399 [UX] Create more intuitive behavior for "Customize" button to manage displays #5129
400 [UX] Rename "taxonomy" to "Categorization" in the user interface #203


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