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These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS.  All the issues you see here are issues tagged with the label "type - feature request" from the Backdrop CMS core issue queue. 

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
301 [UX] Consider saving changes to custom block text without requiring a second save. #2038
302 Provide additional permissions for the maintenance mode #3625
303 [WP][UX] Dashboard: Dismissible blocks #3996
304 Provide an actual maintenance mode #3060
305 Allow taxonomy term for layout block visibility #5612
306 Allow core libraries to be served via CDN #1593
307 [UX] Introduce button group UI component #2643
308 [UX] When a new content type is created, automatically assign permissions to the "Editor" role #5885
309 [UX] Flexible templates UI: Allow "visual" region width changing, using left/right drag handles, and width indicators #5167
310 [UX] Add the "Comment fields" and "Comment display" links to the operations dropbutton in the content type admin page and also the respective admin menu items. #1262
311 Views advanced settings: Only one page region, but still a drop-down. #852
312 [DX] Allow nested form elements to be attached to radio and checkbox options. #2304
313 Allow anonymous users to use a SESSION variable to set timezone #4612
314 [UX] Introduce a `confirm_dialog()` function #3771
315 Give details about why a permission 'has security implications' #5536
316 Update.php should automatically apply any new configuration defaults #1832
317 [DX][D8] Allow config files to have dependencies #4188
318 Consider using Turbolinks (or similar) as a poor-man's BigPipe #3416
319 [UX] More info on field removal #3262
320 More useful tags for views #6268
321 [UX][D8] Create/select layout for specific content type from the content type add/edit form. #2894
322 [DX] Disabling a field should not update the weights of all fields #5755
323 Is the Admin Menu z-index value high enough? #5372
324 Add support for tokens in the file field names and paths (File Field Paths module in core) #1440
325 Add a wrapper to make tables "responsive" #6008
326 Make "Compose tips" (long version of tips) for text formats discoverable from "Formatting options" fieldset #4953
327 [UX] Running cron.php from browser should return a success message rather than a blank page #2535
328 Allow install profiles to define dependencies other than modules #3926
329 Layout: path condition with a subdomain #1049
330 [UX] Turn the installer into a 1-minute installer #467
331 [UX] Pathauto follow-up: implement autocomplete on fields that support tokens (when the user types "[") #2017
332 [UX] When there is only one menu item in a section, don't list #4386
333 Allow install profiles to define explicit/hard dependencies #3597
334 Make Backdrop misconfiguration messages friendlier #6110
335 [UX] Move new password show/hide toggle to inside the password fields. #3046
336 Separate the Term Reference field from Taxonomy module #5633
337 [DX] Make views query output easier to read with indentation & line breaks #1590
338 [UX] Layout path selection: Make it more user friendly #2618
339 [DX] Form API: Allow specifying alternative configuration settings for elements using `system_settings_form()`, without having to use custom submit handler #4102
340 Javascript end-to-end testing #5160
341 [UX] Change user/login to /login and /user/logout to /logout #1248
342 Allow non-administrative users the ability to publish/unpublish/schedule content #815
343 authorize.php should be used for all Installer module downloads/installs #2271
344 [SR] Add a minimum length setting for passwords #4589
345 [D9 feature parity] Killer feature: Fieldable Fields in core #3766
346 [SR][UX] Flood control: Better workflow and allow users to self-serve #5522
347 [UX] Make all visibility conditions available at all times (and automatically set appropriate paths, contexts and context relationships). #1815
348 Request to add a link to project pages for modules on Functionality page #4179
349 [UX] Add a "Used in" column that shows layout(s)/region(s) where each menu is placed. #3407
350 Add function that returns default config #3251
351 [DX] Use `token_get_all()` for parsing settings*.php files rather than using regex in `backdrop_rewrite_settings()` #6297
352 Use database independent calls to initialize the testing cache. #2888
353 Status page: Provide information about the security coverage of the currently-installed minor version #5759
354 [D8] Allow forms to set custom validation error messages on required fields #5348
355 Cache settings via admin section #1434
356 [UX] Token browser dialog: increase width (and height?). #1038
357 Change the default profile on tests from Standard to Testing #4943
358 Evaluate the reasons for removal of the Trigger module from core. #2522
359 [D9] Add a sub theme starter kit to Basis #3914
360 [D8][UX] Add inline form errors #1040
361 [UX] Provide a menu-centric workflow for creating the website structure (à la content_menu) #434
362 Layout UI : Allow adding visibility conditions for Node:NID and Node:Type for paths other than node/% #1997
363 Display default views on a separate tab #4369
364 Add a Pre-upgrade analysis/report to prevent people from forgetting something #3577
365 Backdrop release procedure enhancement #1987
366 Reuse test prefixes instead of rebuilding them for each test #4353
367 [DX][UX] Keyboard shortcut for admin menu search #3564
368 Add permissions for viewing blocked user account profiles (and/or their content) #6123
369 [DX] Implement hook_hook_info() to help organize module code #3024
370 [UX] Have a "Contact" menu item be enabled and added to the primary navigation by default when enabling contact.module. #1572
371 [UX] List modules that need to be enabled on the config sync page #2604
372 Provide a views filter handler for project properties #5904
373 [SR][UX][DX] Provide a `sensitivetext` formAPI element that pulls from settings as well as state #5136
374 [UX] Display a Welcome page after upgrading Backdrop to the latest version #1225
375 [UX] Move the confirmation dialog for deletion of menu links to a modal. #770
376 Add option to set a maximum age of log messages #2243
377 [UX] Provide a report page that lists all configured paths where files are being saved. #4585
378 [UX] limit field tokens on node type page to fields on that type #3752
379 [UX] Idea: Bigger "required" indicators for fields (a red ❌ next to the field) plus a red focus "halo" around the field. #5505
380 [UX] Project Browser: Move the pages where one can **MANAGE** installed modules/themes/layouts as separate primary tabs under a single top-level menu item. #1780
381 Improve the styling of color input elements in the admin theme #4155
382 CKEditor: consider the new Autocomplete plugin (introduced in 4.10) for addition to core. #3357
383 Upscaling in out-of-the-box image style 'Large'. #3232
384 [UX] Add help text and improve the UI to clarify things around layout templates #6314
385 [UX] Redirect from system path to alias (GlobalRedirect in core) #2871
386 [UX] Add HTML5 Date Widget Support to Views Exposed Form #5768
387 Enable dropdown menu for menus in header block #5330
388 Add a simple way in core to define private and public access for nodes/entities. #1407
389 [UX] Terminology for configuring a block seems odd #1016
390 [D8][WP] Move to trash instead of deleting. #2498
391 [DX] Add config->getData() to match config->setData() #3902
392 Make pager more efficient by not generating (and running) a countQuery #404
393 [UX] Add bulk operations (update/delete) in the URL path aliases list. #1979
394 Allow default/required settings on multilingual ("Language") fields #4322
395 Add HTML5 Placeholder to form inputs #3561
396 [UX][PS] Replace the current token browser in core with the Fast Token Browser implementation from contrib #6143
397 [UX] add the ability to order menus #3003
398 Add 'Save user(s)' action #5656
399 Prepend the content type name in the "Permissions" vtab permission names when creating a content type. #1539
400 Path filter/tips is not very useful and unlikely to be found #5912


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