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These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS.  All the issues you see here are issues tagged with the label "type - feature request" from the Backdrop CMS core issue queue. 

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
301 [UX] CKEditor - Provide default styles #4233
302 [UX] Installer: request site configuration info (site name, admin account etc.) while the installer is running in parallel #3042
303 Entity reference 7.x-1.6 #5952
304 [UX] Allow 'manage file' from Image Library #3544
305 [UX] Allow limiting allowed text formats per field instance (per content type). #2615
306 [UX] Menu paths: replace the silly <front> placeholder with a dropdown and rename it to "home page" #2588
307 Telemetry: Collect actual OS, not only type #5199
308 Allow setting a default value for Alt and Title text in image fields #1439
309 [UX] Views: Offer an option for the pager to start counting from 1 instead of 0 #5566
310 [D8] Token: Add "Safe tokens", and expose them in the admin UI #4755
311 [UX] Side-by-side content translation UI #2438
312 [UX] Permissions page: Make permission groups rows collapsible/expandable. #1046
313 [UX] Layouts: Use icons within drop buttons on small/mobile screens #1974
314 [UX] Change the password reset form to use a single password field + show/hide toggle #4440
315 Basis theme killer feature: Automatically generate color scheme from provided brand (logo/colors) #3231
316 Provide a "System metrics" entry in the status page, to show disk space, RAM usage, and database size #5858
317 [DX] Form API: Provide a `'type' => 'css_classes'` form element. #3702
318 [D7] Add alt and title fields for the image file type? #4007
319 [DX] Add a legacy upgrade_mappings database table #2855
320 [UX] Provide an instant search filter for the Configuration page (/admin/config). #978
321 Allow modules to provide flexible template row styles #5427
322 Security: Consider adding an option to load public forms through AJAX. #1592
323 [DX][BC] Replace module_load_include() with new, more generic function #206
324 [PS] Add `webp` to default extensions on new image fields (if supported) #4998
325 Remove syslog module from core #1260
326 [UX] Swap tab order of "Export" and "Import" config pages #2185
327 Extend the 'hidden paths' feature to taxonomy #4653
328 [DX] Add Flush all caches > Views to admin bar #5737
329 [UX] Better image style previews. #1772
330 Allow pseudo fields to have configurable settings #3859
331 [UX] Rename vocabularies & terms #4222
332 Suggestion: Post-upgrade Summary After Drupal 7 Migration #5606
333 Ship core with a layout that uses user/% as context #3531
334 Alternative approach to translating config, using get/set #3522
335 User roles form: Replace the "Required" column with a useful "Description" column #5179
336 Implement sub-path aliases - a.k.a.: `subpathauto` or `path_alias_xt`in core #1418
337 Setting intelligent defaults during content type fields creation #291
338 Views: Autocomplete exposed filters #2423
339 Create option for a cropped image style to provide consistent image size for Cards view #5593
340 Views: Add <audio> and <video> to the available options in the "Customize field HTML" for file fields. #1966
341 [UX] Add a filter weight reset option so we can Show 'enabled' text filters above 'disabled' ones #4408
342 Add Mailsystem 3.x delegator class to core #3218
343 [UX] Consolidate PHP-related information in the status report page, and add some basic PHP memory usage metrics #5863
344 Views: Filter results by matching data with current content #3683
345 Redirects write to json files? #4001
346 menu_tree_check_access() adds 1141 database queries #2825
347 [UX] Views UI: in place rearrange of fields, filter and sort criteria. #963
348 [PS][D9] Acquia Site Studio Visual Page Builder with a front-end, drag and drop user interface #5403
349 [UX] Branding and Version info on Installation Screens #1584
350 Create pseudo tokens to extend various functionality in text formatters ex :nolink #4992
351 Do not allow modules to be enabled at all if they have conflicting config file names with any existing config. #1242
352 [UX] Display php error messages in a dedicated block so we can limit visibility per role. #2139
353 Use the default date entry format for the default date display format #4646
354 [DX] Add the ability to deprecate the name (and value?) of config entries #5741
355 [DX] Add project's 'install time' to system table #1726
356 Search terms along with nodes #3850
357 [DX] Allow enabling/disabling theme debugging via the admin UI #4211
358 [UX] Views "Multiple field settings" should appear on field display settings, too #2993
359 [A11Y] tablist needs tab roles for children elements #5982
360 Allow overriding Seven's header customisations #4205
361 [UX] CKeditor: Allow the Styles dropdown to use tag names (for easy use of the <small> tag) #2980
362 Add context handling to Views blocks #5995
363 'Manage files' view sometimes shows incorrect filename #3507
364 [UX] Content view "Operations" drop-down lists available operations in random order. #548
365 [Meta] Advanced configuration overrides (allow regex/wildcards and negation of settings within arrays) #5172
366 Make 'gid' column in 'node_access' table VARCHAR #1396
367 Create a new cropped image style specifically for cards #5607
368 [WP][UX] Dashboard: Collapsible blocks #3995
369 [D8][DX] Add element #type table and merge tableselect/tabledrag into it #4388
370 Consider exposing `form_cache_expiration` and/or providing an option so that it can be cleared along with other caches. #3191
371 [D10] Invoke hook after a site install is complete #5876
372 [UX] CKEditor configuration: Add a label to the "button separator" button #3666
373 [SR] Facilitate 2FA+MultiFactor compatibility (2FA/two-factor -> MFA/multi-factor) #2788
374 [UX] Manage display: use the 'dirty' form flag when field settings are changed, in order to indicate that the form needs to be saved. #927
375 Add Selection Rules to Layouts for Filtering / Limiting Context Values #5376
376 [UX] Convert the "Install from a URL" text field to a text area to allow installing multiple projects in one go. #1561
377 Support additional (popular) properties in the .info files of projects #119
378 Comment titles should be removed from presentation and from database if not used #4967
379 [D7] Support summaries in CKEditor or introduce a teaser break plugin #1222
380 Establish a "fonts" directory in a place where it can be shared between core and contrib themes. #2127
381 [UX] Dismissible status report messages. #4617
382 [D9] Allow adding descriptions to user roles (and show them in the roles listing page) #5748
383 [SR] Better/safer file type validation #3830
384 [UX] Layouts: Allow menu "source" to be changed from within any menu block #3820
385 Change the "Invalidate search index" process to a batched "Rebuild search index" #4182
386 Request: More style options for the table format in Views #2961
387 Add a wrapper to make tables "responsive" #6008
388 CKEditor: Figure out a way to clear its cache so that plugin changes show up right away. #3460
389 [META] [UX] Provide a instant search/filter UI interface pattern for listing pages and enhance existing ones. #503
390 [D8] Allow enabling modules (and themes/layouts?) via config sync / import #5163
391 [DX] Add a `project_get_info` helper function. #2385
392 Allow taxonomy term for layout block visibility #5612
393 Add indicator for menu-level visibility conditions #1929
394 Add "Configure page title" tab to Layout admin pages #3983
395 Add filtering to path_autocomplete #4381
396 [UX] When a new content type is created, automatically assign permissions to the "Editor" role #5885
397 [UX][D8] Views: Expose responsive classes in the UI via table settings #3656
398 [UX] Decrease size of help text input textareas #2747
399 [UX] Fix caching of favicons #898
400 [WP] Add Token Filter to core #5352


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