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These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS.  All the issues you see here are issues tagged with the label "type - feature request" from the Backdrop CMS core issue queue. 

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
401 Add ability to skip running tests on PR #5575
402 [D9] Add a sub theme starter kit to Basis #3914
403 [UX] Side-by-side content translation UI #2438
404 [UX] "Cancel" links and "Save and add another" buttons when adding vocabulary terms, menu items, and user accounts #1004
405 [DX] Form API: Allow individual options in select elements to be set to disabled #5837
406 Add a Pre-upgrade analysis/report to prevent people from forgetting something #3577
407 [DX] Offer to backup and delete existing config to proceed with installation #6062
408 [DX] Add entity_get_bundles() as a convenient method for getting the label of a bundle. #3243
409 [UX] Layouts: Use icons within drop buttons on small/mobile screens #1974
410 [A11Y] Change color of the Views hidden fields for the Seven theme #5261
411 Allow opening block configuration forms on their own page (not in a modal) #1659
412 Remove grippie; use CSS "resize" property #340
413 Bulk delete taxonomy terms #2875
414 Backdrop needs a "related posts" feature #1317
415 [UX] Link fields: Automatically fill in the title of the content that is being linked #4479
416 Flexible Layout Templates - Add hero ROW by default to new templates #4091
417 Add per-bundle token info to hook_token_info() #5707
418 [D9 feature parity] Killer feature: Fieldable Fields in core #3766
419 [UX] Swap tab order of "Export" and "Import" config pages #2185
420 Provide way for `entity_access()` to check for operations view, update and delete if no entity is provided #5474
421 [UX] limit field tokens on node type page to fields on that type #3752
422 [UX] Display php error messages in a dedicated block so we can limit visibility per role. #2139
423 [UX] Allow non-technical people to grab a text export of key information about their site - for troubleshooting requests #5461
424 Consider using a flat-file cache for the page cache #716
425 [UX][DX][A11Y] Start using inputmode for fields and form elements as appropriate #5964
426 CKEditor: consider the new Autocomplete plugin (introduced in 4.10) for addition to core. #3357
427 [Meta] Available updates report not as complete as Drupal 7 report #6252
428 [D8][A11Y] ALT attributes should be enabled by default on new fields and have an option to set ALT and TITLE attributes as required #3006
429 [DX] Add project's 'install time' to system table #1726
430 [D9] Add 'published' timestamp to nodes #5062
431 [UX] File Field UI redesign. #1445
432 Automatically create a node/% layout when one is created for node/NID #5539
433 Simple Mode - Ability to toggle between simple and advanced admin features #4692
434 [UX] Refine permissions for Field UI #1079
435 1.15 [UX] Follow-ups for auto menu settings in core #4251
436 Feature to add multiple Layouts together #5585
437 [DX] Add config->getData() to match config->setData() #3902
438 Views: Autocomplete exposed filters #2423
439 [UX] Rich-text Image/text flow. #987
440 EntityStorageException: The username and email are both addresses that do not match. (But what are they?) #5857
441 [DX][UX] Keyboard shortcut for admin menu search #3564
442 [UX] Add responsive option to pager choice for Views and Search #6094
443 Allow copying settings from other content types when adding an existing field #3229
444 Views: Add <audio> and <video> to the available options in the "Customize field HTML" for file fields. #1966
445 Telemetry: Collect Internet Status At Time Of Install #5222
446 [UX] Automatically update the "Admin Content" view to include language field and exposed filter when more than one language is enabled for the site. #1625
447 Get rid of all Backdrop markers in HTML page source #4817
448 Consider converting the watchdog list to a view. #1302
449 [UX] Project installer: Clarify reason that the server does not support automatic updates #4470
450 Add a global/standardized way to add icon to external links #4047
451 [D10][PS] CSS and JavaScript aggregation performance improvements #5718
452 Ability to add custom file fields to Node Edit Form #5738
453 [WP] Support HTML formatted emails in core #3727
454 Establish a "fonts" directory in a place where it can be shared between core and contrib themes. #2127
455 [DX] Allow Config::get()/config_get() to specify a default - same as update_variable_get() #5453
456 Provide an option to make language required for nodes (do not allow language = "none"). #673
457 [DX][UX] Form API: Make it so that required fields that are hidden via #states are only validated when visible. #2732
458 Administration Bar module should not use popup #6270
459 Add custom block option to follow the translation system easily #2991
460 'Unused' module detector #5020
461 [SR] Security hardening: provide a mechanism to expire sessions #5545
462 [UX] install.php: Provide help text for site name #4675
463 Put Backdrop JS Object at the bottom of the HTML Document #1051
464 Add target="_blank" attribute to "Powered by Backdrop CMS" link #4230
465 Simplify Layout configuration #5592
466 [D8][DX] Form API: Backport D8 `html_tag` element changes #3892
467 [UX] Provide an instant search filter for the permissions page (/admin/config/people/permissions). #980
468 [UX] Consolidate database-related information in the status report page, and add some basic db usage metrics #5864
469 Add HTML5 Placeholder to form inputs #3561
470 [DX] Allow `theme_get_setting()` to return a default value - like `settings_get()` and `update_variable_get()` do #6107
471 [WP] Media Library #3203
472 [PS][D9] Dynamic Page Cache add in Backdrop core #5217
473 [UX] Allow the user to change their mind about manually entering a machine name... #1608
474 [UX] integrate file editing into the file field widget #2810
475 [DX] Form API #states: support 'regex' and 'less'/'greater' (than) for value comparison #4781
476 [UX] Reflect the status of the comment settings in the "Comment fields" and "Comment display" tabs and offer connect-the-dots links to enable them. #1274
477 Allow altering image style urls #5745
478 Layouts: Provide a way to define conditions based on field values. #2103
479 Move "Expanded" option for Menu Items to Block settings #5428
480 [D8] Trim summary on word boundary #599
481 [UX] Contact module: Rename "categories" to "recipient groups" in the admin UI - allow customizing the label of the field in the public-facing form #5992
482 [UX] Create a consistent and responsive step wizard for update.php and install.php #6290
483 [UX] On the Add view page, expand block, and collapse page display #2978
484 Link module: validate internal links and ensure protocol-less URLs can pass validation #5000
485 [UX] Let site builders add a new image style whenever they're selecting a style to use #1438
486 Missing a possibility to get a books mlid value for views #5565
487 [UX] Search block: Provide options to render either as a separate field/button, or as a searchbar #4652
488 [UX] Field UI - clean up the field type selection #1041
489 [UX] Support importing D7 views exports (at least in the 1.x cycle) #4213
490 Add new PR template, with reminder to reference an issue #5605
491 Allow content types to be enabled/disabled via the admin UI #3883
492 [DX] Add a `project_get_info` helper function. #2385
493 Optimize core book module via book_cache port #976
494 Bring back the initial functionality of _field_write_instance function #5875
495 [UX] Allow 'manage file' from Image Library #3544
496 Clean-up of Database after Migration from Drupal 7.x #6109
497 Support tokens in Views "Global: custom text" field #3189
498 Add indicator for menu-level visibility conditions #1929
499 [D9] Users must verify email when changing user email addresses #5210
500 Allow install profiles to be run after site creation #1591


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