Welcome to the Backdrop CMS feature survey. This is your opportunity to help prioritize core features. The results of this survey will advise core developers as to what the community would find most valuable.

We ask you to vote for up to 10 features. These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS. You can change your vote as often as you like. You must be logged in to vote. A list of your current votes can be found on your user profile page.

All issues with the label "type - feature request" in the core issue queue should be eligible to be voted on.

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
201 Better Book navigation links #4879
202 [UX] Add a token-browser-like PHP date format helper dialog #4556
203 [UX] Add information about removed modules to the uninstall page #3779
204 CSS Architecture with SASS, SMACSS, and BEM #4129
205 [UX][D8] Allow 'Content: Link' views field to just output URL #3419
206 Create redirects for bulk alias delete #1993
207 [UX] Change user/login to /login and /user/logout to /logout #1248
208 The farbtastic color picker is unmaintained since 2017 - replace with a modern/maintained alternative #5598
209 [UX] Have a "Contact" menu item be enabled and added to the primary navigation by default when enabling contact.module. #1572
210 Allow search result display to be controlled via view modes #829
211 User roles form: Replace the "Required" column with a useful "Description" column #5179
212 [UX] Change the password reset form to use a single password field + show/hide toggle #4440
213 [UX] Make it easier to create layouts for paths that are already assigned to be aliases for existing content. #3703
214 [D7] Add setting for which roles can be assigned #4437
215 [DX] Form API: Provide a `'type' => 'css_classes'` form element. #3702
216 Do not throw exceptions in the updater, when nothing's broken (yet) #4003
217 Content creation page cleanup #202
218 Use database independent calls to initialize the testing cache. #2888
219 Allow form elements for updates in update.php #1912
220 [UX] Make the theme preview thumbnail clickable and show larger version of screenshot (à la lightbox). #1127
221 [UX] Add a requirements warning when site_mail domain doesn't match. #2364
222 Enable revisions by default / CRAP and entity revisions everywhere in core. #1465
223 Allow attributes to be passed to backdrop_add_css() and backdrop_add_js() (SRI) #5478
224 Allow to trigger the site status alert (red button) remotely #5097
225 [UX] Allow a field HTML ID to be set as target in theme_token_tree_link() #4316
226 [UX][DX] provide utility functions to retrieve field labels #3620
227 Allow user to set custom background color on core hero block #3918
228 Create Wordpress install profile #3127
229 Add option to set a maximum age of log messages #2243
230 [UX] Offer option to replace the help text with a help icon that toggles its visibility (on by default on mobile). #1414
231 [SR][UX] Flood control: Better workflow and allow users to self-serve #5522
232 Create new form that wraps the "file/add" and "Media Library Selector" forms for re-use #2720
233 [UX] Project Browser: Move the pages where one can **MANAGE** installed modules/themes/layouts as separate primary tabs under a single top-level menu item. #1780
234 [UX] Token browser dialog: increase width (and height?). #1038
235 [PS] Optimize menu_navigation_links_rebuild() #5389
236 Apply image style to default picture #4976
237 [D9] Date: allow setting MIN and MAX dates, only past dates, or only future dates, or both #4648
238 Allow pseudo fields to have configurable settings #3859
239 [UX] Support importing D7 views exports (at least in the 1.x cycle) #4213
240 Ship core with a layout that uses user/% as context #3531
241 [UX] differing interface patterns for "add new" and "save order" in different places in core #573
242 [UX] Move new password show/hide toggle to inside the password fields. #3046
243 [META] [UX] Add more Display Suite features #2084
244 Improve the way search (re)indexing works. #1337
245 [DX] Add a helper function for messaging after saving settings forms #1364
246 [UX] Layout path selection: Make it more user friendly #2618
247 [UX] Add the ability for default layouts to be cloned (like views). #1674
248 [UX] Allow the admin bar to be shown/hidden via a toggle #970
249 View configuration UI: Add indicator denoting rewritten fields #5287
250 Log warnings when projects are encountered without a 'type' #4866
251 [DX] Support some basic markdown-flavoured formatting in t() #4535
252 [UX] add a hook_requirements check for disabled modules, not uninstalled #3778
253 [D8][UX] Add a toggle in the admin bar for showing/hiding contextual links on mobile #3417
254 [UX] Provide a menu-centric workflow for creating the website structure (à la content_menu) #434
255 [DX] Layout Contexts not being passed to block in hook_block_view(). #2953
256 Backdrop release procedure enhancement #1987
257 Do not allow modules to be enabled at all if they have conflicting config file names with any existing config. #1242
258 Add new PR template, with reminder to reference an issue #5605
259 Prevent users from accidentally exposing their email addresses by using it for their username #2486
260 [UX] Convert the "Install from a URL" text field to a text area to allow installing multiple projects in one go. #1561
261 Allow non-administrative users the ability to publish/unpublish/schedule content #815
262 Add state_override function to core #4725
263 [WP][UX] Use admin-theme for Log In form #4410
264 Add an upgrade path from Admin Menu to Admin bar #3687
265 [UX] Move non-displayed pseudo fields to vertical tab or group on "Manage fields" page #4002
266 Link to all release notes between installed and recommended versions #3303
267 [UX] Modules Manual installation box needs to take modules names in any case #2885
268 [UX] CKEditor: autocorrection. #1902
269 Add an 'URL alias update queue' for entities associated with an updated entity #1124
270 Changing theme cache workflow #2349
271 Provide `original` vocabulary to presave and update vocabulary hooks #5475
272 Reduce Update Status module's nagging messages on admin/* pages #5083
273 [D8] Form API: Introduce proper #types for 'option' and 'optgroup', and make #options consistent. #4312
274 Allow install profiles to define explicit/hard dependencies #3597
275 [DX] Provide an easy way to add classes to the wrapper tags of form elements #3917
276 Bulk operation for scheduling publishing of multiple pieces of content. #3115
277 Add permission "Clear log messages" #2242
278 Add a simple way in core to define private and public access for nodes/entities. #1407
279 [UX] Allow site admins to specify which menu is to be used in the admin bar. #5519
280 Modify the CKEditor image dialog to use the new wrapper form for "file/add" and "Media Library Selector" mechanisms #2719
281 [UX] Project Installer: Make the sorting options responsive. #1779
282 [UX] Include the "+ Add condition" link/button and the "Remove"/"Configure" links in the "Conditions" fieldset of the #1025
283 Enhanced Float-Value Display Options #5379
284 Link module: Provide an option to allow for a predefined list of static titles #4970
285 Use the default date entry format for the default date display format #4646
286 Admin UI: denote settings that may be overridden in settings.php #3856
287 [D8] Keep a snapshot of configuration directory in database #4212
288 Ship core with a layout that uses node/% as context #3530
289 [UX] Installer: request site configuration info (site name, admin account etc.) while the installer is running in parallel #3042
290 [DX] bring back db_fetch_array() and db_fetch_object() #2081
291 Setting intelligent defaults during content type fields creation #291
292 [UX] Allow limiting allowed text formats per field instance (per content type). #2615
293 [META][UX] Figure out a better way to be able to insert introductory/summary/footer text in various places. #1673
294 [UX] Views UI: in place rearrange of fields, filter and sort criteria. #963
295 [DX] Form API: Allow number fields to specify an array of suggested values (#options) #5285
296 [UX] Add a new pageless node above the "Promoted Content" block on Home page #4849
297 [UX] Change layout 'Visibility conditions' links to a drop button #4529
298 [UX] Introduce a `confirm_dialog()` function #3771
299 [DX] Save Dev time, make a console notice for Backdrop.behaviours #4116
300 Consider using Turbolinks (or similar) as a poor-man's BigPipe #3416


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