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These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS.  All the issues you see here are issues tagged with the label "type - feature request" from the Backdrop CMS core issue queue. 

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
201 Options to change parent link behaviour in responsive dropdown menus #2370
202 [UX] Rename name "Filtered HTML" input format to "Basic" #1188
203 Allow form elements for updates in update.php #1912
204 Add CSS (JS?) code formatting automation #5568
205 [D8][DX] FAPI: Allow easy sorting of the translated options of select elements #5824
206 Move "Expanded" option for Menu Items to Block settings #5428
207 Search terms along with nodes #3850
208 [UX] Decrease size of help text input textareas #2747
209 Link module: validate internal links and ensure protocol-less URLs can pass validation #5000
210 [UX] Make it easy to find newly-added modules on the modules page #532
211 [DX] Support some basic markdown-flavoured formatting in t() #4535
212 Alternative approach to translating config, using get/set #3522
213 [DX] Views query should not output { and } around database table names. #1389
214 [META] [UX] Add more Display Suite features #2084
215 List of Modules should show required contrib modules #6173
216 [DX] Introduce a new `#` placeholder for `format_string()`, that formats user-facing text as code #6191
217 Add per-bundle token info to hook_token_info() #5707
218 [WP][UX] Dashboard: Collapsible blocks #3995
219 [DX] Layout Contexts not being passed to block in hook_block_view(). #2953
220 [UX] Inject "mini modules forms" in various places where it makes sense #5949
221 Create a field_storage_exists() function #5180
222 uuid and entity import / export #890
223 Translation of taxonomy terms #4720
224 [UX] CKEditor configuration: Add a label to the "button separator" button #3666
225 [A11Y] Append the current tab in the breadcrumb (even if as an invisible element). #1535
226 Pre-compress Files With Brotli And Fallback To Gzip #4743
227 Replace content translation with entity translation (and add an upgrade path) #52
228 Changing theme cache workflow #2349
229 Consolidate messages about modules merged into core if more than one module detected. #1163
230 [D8][SR] Add the ability to block IP addresses (feature parity with Drupal). #1878
231 [D10] Layouts/blocks: Add visibility condition for 200/403/404 response codes #6016
232 Add ability to skip running tests on PR #5575
233 Create Wordpress install profile #3127
234 [DX] Form API: Allow individual options in select elements to be set to disabled #5837
235 [DX] Add settings/page for contextual links settings #5404
236 [SR] Better/safer file type validation #3830
237 Create new form that wraps the "file/add" and "Media Library Selector" forms for re-use #2720
238 [DX] Support a way to declare conflicts in .info files #4993
239 [D9] Add menu link support into views #4505
240 'Manage files' view sometimes shows incorrect filename #3507
241 [D8] Port and merge Localization Update in core #1377
242 [UX] Add the ability to make any standard layout template a flexible one #4114
243 Move the file `description` column to file_managed table. #2070
244 Make l() to call theme('link') when possible #6194
245 [D10][PS] CSS and JavaScript aggregation performance improvements #5718
246 Add "Configure page title" tab to Layout admin pages #3983
247 [D8] Add new formatter - "URL to Image" to image field in Views #2921
248 [UX][DX][A11Y] Start using inputmode for fields and form elements as appropriate #5964
249 Ability to include module configuration in config recipe #5173
250 Is correcting the way form ID's named worth spending time on? #4706
251 [UX][D8] Views: Expose responsive classes in the UI via table settings #3656
252 [UX] Set date formats by country #1521
253 Replace taxonomy_index with taxonomy_entity_index #103
254 [UX] Project Browser: Add links with helper actions (configure/settings/enable) next to project installation status. #2335
255 [UX] Project Browser should run some pre-flight checks #1858
256 [D10] Date fields: Allow the "time ago" formatter to show as a fully cacheable time difference with JS #6022
257 Feature to add multiple Layouts together #5585
258 [UX] Fix pager styling on mobile #3099
259 EntityStorageException: The username and email are both addresses that do not match. (But what are they?) #5857
260 Enhanced Float-Value Display Options #5379
261 [UX] Layouts: Allow menu "source" to be changed from within any menu block #3820
262 [UX] Admin bar: Consider replacing the home button with a "Back to site" button. #2709
263 Link module: Provide an option to allow for a predefined list of static titles #4970
264 [UX] Flexible layout templates: Provide a selectable list of "presets" #4484
265 CKEditor: Figure out a way to clear its cache so that plugin changes show up right away. #3460
266 [UX] Move admin menu system tasks to their own dropdown? #1368
267 [DX] Introduce a new `user_permission_get_info()` function #4097
268 Store entity bundle in comment table #2046
269 Add hook_field_schema_alter() #6208
270 Media: Use field mapping to automatically store metadata/EXIF info #3333
271 Ability to add custom file fields to Node Edit Form #5738
272 Feature request for Internal Redirects #3940
273 Allow PHP libraries to be added via hook_library_info() #2911
274 [DX][UX] Form API: Make it so that required fields that are hidden via #states are only validated when visible. #2732
275 [UX] Flexible templates: Replace the single "Add row" button with multiple ones #5166
276 [UX] Improve the "Required by: Field type(s) in use..." info in modules page. #850
277 Restore Configurable Actions to core #3646
278 Use smart dictionaries for object compression #1511
279 [UX] Layout deletion confirmation form: add more explanation and options #5511
280 Add new Date field widget to utilize HTML5 #date input type #4255
281 Make problems with layout blocks more discoverable. #2320
282 [UX][D8] Create/select layout for a specific page from the content add/edit form. #1131
283 [D8][UX] Merge Special Menu Items module functionality in core (allow <nolink> and <separator> menu items). #1840
284 Add support for CKEditor 5 (CKEditor 4 becomes EoL in 2023) #4122
285 Simplify Layout configuration #5592
286 [UX] Mobile project browser: make search result filters better for mobile #3096
287 [UX] Consolidate database-related information in the status report page, and add some basic db usage metrics #5864
288 Add more properties to module and theme info files... Initial Release date, Current Release Date, Categories, D7 base module or theme if any #5367
289 [UX] Allow cloning any user role (along with its permissions) #3813
290 Add a views filter/argument for Term Depth #2666
291 [UX] do not lock the admin bar when a modal is active. #1721
292 [D7] Tokens missing from Backdrop core. This issue was considered major in D7. #4952
293 [WP][UX] Remove "tabs" for menu local tasks, move into contextual links (and/or admin bar) #464
294 [UX] Project installer: Provide link to update report from installer update tab #4471
295 Better handling of location in locale source #3451
296 Use config for color module palettes #2554
297 [UX] Add nowrap CSS to field suffixes (ex the machine name span) #1349
298 [DX] Make certain field values and entity properties available during save. #2032
299 [UX] CKEditor/Rich text editor image sizing needs to be optional. #2010
300 Allow a hook to alter the list of CSS files parsed by Color module #6240


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