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These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS.  All the issues you see here are issues tagged with the label "type - feature request" from the Backdrop CMS core issue queue. 

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
201 Add CSS (JS?) code formatting automation #5568
202 Enable dropdown menu for menus in header block #5330
203 [UX] Automatically sanitize the value of URL alias fields (remove preceding/trailing slashes and make sure the path is not absolute). #1957
204 [D8][DX] FAPI: Allow easy sorting of the translated options of select elements #5824
205 [UX] Rich-text Image/text flow. #987
206 [UX] Display a reminder to uninstall modules after disabling them #3911
207 Custom Block contextual link #4390
208 [UX] Decrease size of help text input textareas #2747
209 Contact form message templates edited via the UI #3568
210 [META][UX] Figure out a better way to be able to insert introductory/summary/footer text in various places. #1673
211 [META] Use UUIDs in more places #3563
212 [UX] Add a "Back" button to the "Add block" dialog. #1644
213 link fields for in page navigation #go-to-here #1308
214 Optimize `views_handler_field_field()` to only load full entities if needed #2104
215 Add per-bundle token info to hook_token_info() #5707
216 Add layouts into the search index #5128
217 [UX] Inject "mini modules forms" in various places where it makes sense #5949
218 Add option to to allow skipping troublesome tests. #4607
219 [DX] Layout Contexts not being passed to block in hook_block_view(). #2953
220 Provide an option to make language required for nodes (do not allow language = "none"). #673
221 [DX] Introduce a `config_delete()` function, and improve/fix documentation around config deletion. #4186
222 [SR] Security hardening: provide a mechanism to expire sessions #5545
223 [UX] CKEditor: Include the Balloon Toolbar plugin introduced in 4.8, and start using it. #3356
224 [UX] Better alignment for drop buttons. #1090
225 [D10] Layouts/blocks: Add visibility condition for 200/403/404 response codes #6016
226 [DX] Config uses the term 'clear', change it to 'remove' or something more intuitive #2387
227 Add ability to skip running tests on PR #5575
228 Tweak Theme Overview page to group sub-themes by parent theme #5318
229 [UX] Layouts UI: Reusable visibility condition templates. #1942
230 [DX] Form API: Allow individual options in select elements to be set to disabled #5837
231 Create Wordpress install profile #3127
232 [UX] Provide an instant search filter for the permissions page (/admin/config/people/permissions). #980
233 [UX] Rich Text editor inserting/updating images before a file is uploaded #3900
234 [UX] Provide options-element-like UI for the "Style List" text area for text formats #4385
235 Create new form that wraps the "file/add" and "Media Library Selector" forms for re-use #2720
236 Easier/better way to revert Views' settings #4368
237 [UX] Admin bar: Consider replacing the home button with a "Back to site" button. #2709
238 [UX] Rename "taxonomy" to "Categorization" in the user interface #203
239 Add pagers to watchdog entries #3546
240 Re-introduce block caching support. #1619
241 [META] [UX] Improve the overall creation and placement of custom blocks experience. #1277
242 Implement createAccess for File entities #5479
243 [META] [UX] Add more Display Suite features #2084
244 [D10][PS] CSS and JavaScript aggregation performance improvements #5718
245 [UX] Automatically clear caches after manual upgrades #5101
246 [UX][DX][A11Y] Start using inputmode for fields and form elements as appropriate #5964
247 [SEO][WP] Text formats: Introduce new filter to enable native browser-level loading=lazy attribute for images added to text areas. #4587
248 [D8] Add new formatter - "URL to Image" to image field in Views #2921
249 [D8] Trim summary on word boundary #599
250 [DX] Add a hook_library_alter() to remove unwanted things more easily #3718
251 [UX] Add path settings to file pages #4176
252 Missing a possibility to get a books mlid value for views #5565
253 [UX] Allow the label (perhaps machine name too?) of fields to be edited straight from the "Manage fields" and "Comment fields" tab. #1443
254 [D10] Date fields: Allow the "time ago" formatter to show as a fully cacheable time difference with JS #6022
255 Options to change parent link behaviour in responsive dropdown menus #2370
256 Feature to add multiple Layouts together #5585
257 [UX] Provide users with a visual way to understand and build content types (a.k.a.: Dream Fields in core) #5292
258 Allow form elements for updates in update.php #1912
259 EntityStorageException: The username and email are both addresses that do not match. (But what are they?) #5857
260 [UX] Fix pager styling on mobile #3099
261 Better Book navigation links #4879
262 Optimize core book module via book_cache port #976
263 Build a flexible "JSON consumer" block for Dashboard #3891
264 Add plugins to ckeditor available in D7 contrib module via CDN, but not in Backdrop core. #3875
265 Upgrade UI module (similar to Migrate UI in D8) to help with moving from D7 #4345
266 Add a views filter/argument for Term Depth #2666
267 Convert the taxonomy listing and feed at /taxonomy/term/%term to Views #145
268 [UX] Machine names: replace/ignore invalid characters as they are being typed. #3541
269 Security: Consider adding an option to load public forms through AJAX. #1592
270 Remove syslog module from core #1260
271 Provide way for `entity_access()` to check for operations view, update and delete if no entity is provided #5474
272 Move the file `description` column to file_managed table. #2070
273 Ability to add custom file fields to Node Edit Form #5738
274 Media: Use field mapping to automatically store metadata/EXIF info #3333
275 [WP] Allow (optionally?) a limited set of HTML markup in node titles. #5081
276 [DX][UX] Form API: Make it so that required fields that are hidden via #states are only validated when visible. #2732
277 [META][UX] Better "Recent content" block #4576
278 Allow PHP libraries to be added via hook_library_info() #2911
279 Use data-* to check modules dependencies before submit #565
280 [UX] Hide redundant items in Node Edit form. #3705
281 Showcase core features during install #4138
282 Why do we need to write the entire config data within update hooks? #3347
283 Allow setting a default value for Alt and Title text in image fields #1439
284 [UX] Permissions page: Make permission groups rows collapsible/expandable. #1046
285 Add support for CKEditor 5 (CKEditor 4 becomes EoL in 2023) #4122
286 Changing theme cache workflow #2349
287 Simplify Layout configuration #5592
288 [A11Y] Change color of the Views hidden fields for the Seven theme #5261
289 [D8][SR] Add the ability to block IP addresses (feature parity with Drupal). #1878
290 [UX] Consolidate database-related information in the status report page, and add some basic db usage metrics #5864
291 [UX] Mobile project browser: make search result filters better for mobile #3096
292 Remove the "Layout" part from the layout names in the layouts list. #945
293 Bring back the initial functionality of _field_write_instance function #5875
294 [UX] Add a 'visible' property to display modes #3082
295 Get rid of all Backdrop markers in HTML page source #4817
296 Add warnings in site status page (end elsewhere?) to remove contrib module folders if added to core. #915
297 Admin UI: denote settings that may be overridden in settings.php #3856
298 [UX] Allow a field HTML ID to be set as target in theme_token_tree_link() #4316
299 Allow admin theme CSS for dialogs to be used on front-end #2659
300 [UX] [DX] Move the user page to a separate module #109


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