Welcome to the Backdrop CMS feature survey. This is your opportunity to help prioritize core features. The results of this survey will advise core developers as to what the community would find most valuable.

We ask you to vote for up to 10 features. These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS. You can change your vote as often as you like. You must be logged in to vote. A list of your current votes can be found on your user profile page.

All issues with the label "type - feature request" in the core issue queue should be eligible to be voted on.

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
201 [WP] Add Token Filter to core #5352
202 [SR] Provide a status report entry for the database connection status #4945
203 [D9] Add menu link support into views #4505
204 [META][D8][UX] Convert all confirmation pages to confirmation dialogs instead. #3769
205 [UX] CKeditor: Allow the Styles dropdown to use tag names (for easy use of the <small> tag) #2980
206 [UX] Pathauto follow-up: implement autocomplete on fields that support tokens (when the user types "[") #2017
207 [UX] Reflect the status of the comment settings in the "Comment fields" and "Comment display" tabs and offer connect-the-dots links to enable them. #1274
208 [UX] Add the ability to make any standard layout template a flexible one #4114
209 [UX] Allow switching the menu being used for a menu block. #3410
210 [UX] Maintenance mode: Do not render the "Create new account" tab, the navigation menu and the account menu when in the "Log in" or "Reset password" pages. #2529
211 Security: Consider adding an option to load public forms through AJAX. #1592
212 Use data-* to check modules dependencies before submit #565
213 Preview of menu machine name is inaccurate while adding a menu #5807
214 Why do we need to write the entire config data within update hooks? #3347
215 Telemetry: Collect Internet Status At Time Of Install #5222
216 Get rid of all Backdrop markers in HTML page source #4817
217 Views: Filter results by matching data with current content #3683
218 Admin interface for manual garbage collection #2898
219 [UX] Automatically sanitize the value of URL alias fields (remove preceding/trailing slashes and make sure the path is not absolute). #1957
220 [DX] Add a Production/Development Toggle to core. #1144
221 [WP][UX] Dashboard: Dismissible blocks #3996
222 [Multisite] Provide option for installing global or site-specific projects via the UI #3274
223 Menu router refactoring #2400
224 Use smart dictionaries for object compression #1511
225 [UX] Open the field widget link in a modal #691
226 Make pager more efficient by not generating (and running) a countQuery #404
227 [A11Y] Add `role="main"` attribute to primary content region in each Layout template #5610
228 Javascript end-to-end testing #5160
229 Support tokens in Views "Global: custom text" field #3189
230 VBO: Allow bulk enabling/disabling comments on existing content. #2297
231 Add support for tokens in the file field names and paths (File Field Paths module in core) #1440
232 Is correcting the way form ID's named worth spending time on? #4706
233 Add permission for users to be able to administer their own contact form #4292
234 Add a Pre-upgrade analysis/report to prevent people from forgetting something #3577
235 [UX] add "Allow Upscaling" checkbox to crop, and scale and crop effects #2763
236 [UX] Layout UI: Template radios: the way we indicate a "selected" template is too subtle (and same as the hover-over indication). #1824
237 Layout: path condition with a subdomain #1049
238 Allow Link fields to be restricted to only internal or external URLs #5678
239 Add fallback to HTTP for update manager #5455
240 Allow selecting an existing date format for log messages #4621
241 [UX][DX] Show location of config files on status report #3839
242 Reconfiguring the administrative layout #3072
243 Establish a "fonts" directory in a place where it can be shared between core and contrib themes. #2127
244 [DX] Remove unused item attributes (per delta) on fields #1352
245 Can we add a class to the admin tabs? #4207
246 [UX] Add content title match as search relevancy factor #3517
247 Allow deleting modules/themes/layouts via the "Uninstall" function of Project Installer. #2648
248 [UX] Provide a theme switcher. #1711
249 [UX] Provide an instant search filter for the permissions page (/admin/config/people/permissions). #980
250 [UX] Idea: Bigger "required" indicators for fields, that switch from a red ❌ to a green ✔️ if filled correctly (before form validation even complains about it) #5505
251 [DX] Introduce a server-side conditional system (to possibly replace `#states`) #5750
252 [D8] Allow forms to set custom validation error messages on required fields #5348
253 Change the default profile on tests from Standard to Testing #4943
254 Allow text formats to be cloned. #4501
255 [D9 feature parity] Killer feature: Fieldable Fields in core #3766
256 [UX] On the Add view page, expand block, and collapse page display #2978
257 Add layout name in class for custom layout. #2012
258 [UX] Add the "Comment fields" and "Comment display" links to the operations dropbutton in the content type admin page and also the respective admin menu items. #1262
259 [DX] Provide a version of check_plain() that does not escape (for RSS feeds) #4112
260 [UX] Add a "Used in" column that shows layout(s)/region(s) where each menu is placed. #3407
261 Evaluate the reasons for removal of the Trigger module from core. #2522
262 Allow install profiles to be run after site creation #1591
263 Replace user-picture.tpl.php with a theme function #555
264 Add an "unsorted" indicator to table columns #5221
265 [UX] Display a warning message when editor changes from Full HTML to something else #4807
266 Custom Block contextual link #4390
267 File entity setting for garbage collection #2897
268 [UX] Allow image styles to be ordered/sorted. #1141
269 [WP][UX] Dashboard: Collapsible blocks #3995
270 [UX] More info on field removal #3262
271 [DX] Config uses the term 'clear', change it to 'remove' or something more intuitive #2387
272 Provide an option to make language required for nodes (do not allow language = "none"). #673
273 [UX] Better Menu permissions #384
274 Allow taxonomy term for layout block visibility #5612
275 [A11Y] UX Fields to add html tag Attributes for fields, menu links and blocks #5158
276 [WP] Add the ability to schedule config changes #3185
277 Allow setting a default value for Alt and Title text in image fields #1439
278 Rename default Contact form category #4703
279 Saving a content type display should not return up to the Manage Displays list #4291
280 Contact form message templates edited via the UI #3568
281 [UX] Layouts: Visibility conditions: Entity ID text fields with autocomplete fields (or entity browser?). #1822
282 [UX] Permissions page: Make permission groups rows collapsible/expandable. #1046
283 Support additional (popular) properties in the .info files of projects #119
284 UX - Ability to tag and filter images in image library #5680
285 [UX] Project installer: collapse met dependencies in the "Enable modules" step #5454
286 [DX][D8] Provide a mechanism to deprecate permissions #5030
287 [UX] Dismissible status report messages. #4617
288 Allow specifying optional tags for blocks #3837
289 [META] Improve the project screenshots functionality in the project browser #3061
290 [UX] Change tags field display to use 'tag blocks' when entering tags #2121
291 [UX] Add nowrap CSS to field suffixes (ex the machine name span) #1349
292 Allow overriding Seven's header customisations #4205
293 [UX] [multilingual] Translated blocks are too hard to use #3514
294 Allow regions titles #2647
295 [UX] Project Browser: Merge the pages in the UI where one can **INSTALL** a module, theme or layout into a single primary tab, under a single top-level menu item. #1701
296 [UX] Add back the hide/show descriptions toggle in the Configuration page (/admin/config). #979
297 [DX] Disabling a field should not update the weights of all fields #5755
298 Expand the "Global settings" fieldset when creating new fields #5345
299 Allow to filter interface translation for "context" with "contains" (LIKE) #4940
300 Allow title callbacks to return unsanitized text (after being run through t()) #2974


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