Welcome to the Backdrop CMS feature survey. This is your opportunity to help prioritize core features. The results of this survey will advise core developers as to what the community would find most valuable.

We ask you to vote for up to 10 features. These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS. You can change your vote as often as you like. You must be logged in to vote. A list of your current votes can be found on your user profile page.

All issues with the label "type - feature request" in the core issue queue should be eligible to be voted on.

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
801 Use smart dictionaries for object compression #1511
802 [UX] Open the field widget link in a modal #691
803 [A11Y][D9] Provide a "Visually hidden" option for the display of field labels #5766
804 Allow fully deleting text formats #4013
805 [DX] Form API: provide a 'type' => 'status_message' element. #3329
806 Telemetry: Collect actual OS, not only type #5199
807 [D8] Token: Add "Safe tokens", and expose them in the admin UI #4755
808 Consider exposing `form_cache_expiration` and/or providing an option so that it can be cleared along with other caches. #3191
809 [DX] Allow nested form elements to be attached to radio and checkbox options. #2304
810 [SR] Facilitate 2FA+MultiFactor compatibility (2FA/two-factor -> MFA/multi-factor) #2788
811 Update.php should automatically apply any new configuration defaults #1832
812 Put Backdrop JS Object at the bottom of the HTML Document #1051
813 Modify `.htaccess` to allow backdrop to serve `.well-known` URIs #5583
814 Allow 'Main Page Content' block to use a specific display mode #4341
815 Provide additional permissions for the maintenance mode #3625
816 Add Mailsystem 3.x delegator class to core #3218
817 CKEditor5 Sections #5115
818 Reconfiguring the administrative layout #3072
819 Establish a "fonts" directory in a place where it can be shared between core and contrib themes. #2127
820 [DX] Remove unused item attributes (per delta) on fields #1352
821 Don't count markup characters as part of the text length #309
822 Extend the 'hidden paths' feature to taxonomy #4653
823 [UX] Add visibility conditions for menu location #3867
824 Allow deleting modules/themes/layouts via the "Uninstall" function of Project Installer. #2648
825 [UX] Provide a theme switcher. #1711
826 [UX] Provide an instant search filter for the permissions page (/admin/config/people/permissions). #980
827 [UX] Rename vocabularies & terms #4222
828 [UX] Use "Configure" icons instead of the full word #3539
829 [UX] Allow reordering of layouts from main Layouts page #5411
830 [SEO][META] Provide some basic SEO meta tags OOTB #4995
831 [UX] On the Add view page, expand block, and collapse page display #2978
832 Add layout name in class for custom layout. #2012
833 [UX] Add the "Comment fields" and "Comment display" links to the operations dropbutton in the content type admin page and also the respective admin menu items. #1262
834 Define aims and outstanding technical tasks for distro support and Features-style config packages in core #99
835 [UX] Add a token-browser-like PHP date format helper dialog #4556
836 [UX] Add information about removed modules to the uninstall page #3779
837 Evaluate the reasons for removal of the Trigger module from core. #2522
838 Allow install profiles to be run after site creation #1591
839 [D10][PS] CSS and JavaScript aggregation performance improvements #5718
840 CSS Architecture with SASS, SMACSS, and BEM #4129
841 [UX][D8] Allow 'Content: Link' views field to just output URL #3419
842 [D8][DX] Allow themes to declare dependencies on modules and layout templates #5316
843 Add a localization concept for user-provided strings to core #4894
844 File entity setting for garbage collection #2897
845 [UX] Allow image styles to be ordered/sorted. #1141
846 Add check that active configuration directory is writable to system_requirements #5538
847 [UX] Change the password reset form to use a single password field + show/hide toggle #4440
848 [UX] Make it easier to create layouts for paths that are already assigned to be aliases for existing content. #3703
849 [DX] Config uses the term 'clear', change it to 'remove' or something more intuitive #2387
850 Provide an option to make language required for nodes (do not allow language = "none"). #673
851 [UX] Add HTML5 Date Widget Support to Views Exposed Form #5768
852 [D7] Add alt and title fields for the image file type? #4007
853 Kickass Feature: Allow extracting a color scheme from an uploaded image, and apply it to themes supporting color module. #3328
854 [DX][D9] Telemetry: gather Server Timing performance metrics #5183
855 Deprecate watchdog() #4749
856 Support tokens in Views "Global: custom text" field #3189
857 VBO: Allow bulk enabling/disabling comments on existing content. #2297
858 Add support for tokens in the file field names and paths (File Field Paths module in core) #1440
859 [UX] Remove the textarea_with_summary field type #490
860 [UX] add "Allow Upscaling" checkbox to crop, and scale and crop effects #2763
861 [UX] Layout UI: Template radios: the way we indicate a "selected" template is too subtle (and same as the hover-over indication). #1824
862 Layout: path condition with a subdomain #1049
863 Feature to add multiple Layouts together #5585
864 Allow default/required settings on multilingual ("Language") fields #4322
865 [WP][SR] Dedicated "Privacy & security" section under "Configuration" #3624
866 Allow install profiles to define dependencies other than modules #3926
867 [WP] Media Library #3203


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