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These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS.  All the issues you see here are issues tagged with the label "type - feature request" from the Backdrop CMS core issue queue. 

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
801 Prepend the content type name in the "Permissions" vtab permission names when creating a content type. #1539
802 [D8] Ensure that entries are written to watchdog table #63
803 Disable unused layout templates #5068
804 [UX] Consider replacing the block title type drop-down with an always required (and unique) block title field. #2483
805 Add function that returns default config #3251
806 [UX] Add bulk operations (update/delete) in the URL path aliases list. #1979
807 Provide views field handler to access project properties from the `info` column in the `system` table #5820
808 Use database independent calls to initialize the testing cache. #2888
809 [UX] combine different kinds of views link fields #3457
810 [UX] admin bar search results should not be allowed to span further than the page height. #520
811 Add Claro administration theme to core #5241
812 [D8] Port and merge Local Image Input Filter in core #1384
813 All config_*() functions should accept `$type` for consistency. #4821
814 [DX] Switch to a simplified array syntax for database connection information in settings.php #2231
815 [UX] Admin bar: Move "Add new X" to the bottom of each fly-out menu #4586
816 Move the Color module to a contributed project #5667
817 [UX] Move new password show/hide toggle to inside the password fields. #3046
818 [A11Y] Convert core to use EM's for all @media and font-sizes #1775
819 [D8] Introduce a new example.local.settings.php file #4173
820 UX - Ability to tag and filter images in image library #5680
821 [DX] Implement hook_hook_info() to help organize module code #3024
822 Add new image style effect: mirror/flip vertically, horizontally and both. #1762
823 Mobile first approach theme #4131
824 Allow deleting uninstalled/unused modules/themes/layouts from the filesystem via the admin UI #3939
825 [UX] Append `This role receives all new permissions by default.` text to the description of the admin role #5940
826 [UX] List modules that need to be enabled on the config sync page #2604
827 [D8] theme_table() should take an optional footer variable and produce tfoot #3627
828 [UX] Project installer: collapse met dependencies in the "Enable modules" step #5454
829 Allow a layout to be selected on multiple paths. #1528
830 [DX] Revert field storage back to Drupal 6 style normalized tables #56
831 [DX][D8] Provide a mechanism to deprecate permissions #5030
832 [UX] Layout UI: Per-block "dirty" form messages. #2430
833 [UX] Rename "Configuration" to "Settings" #1161
834 Add CSS (JS?) code formatting automation #5568
835 Upscaling in out-of-the-box image style 'Large'. #3232
836 Add semantic markup to layouts #1970
837 Allow 'Main Page Content' block to use a specific display mode #4341
838 [D8][DX] FAPI: Allow easy sorting of the translated options of select elements #5824
839 [UX] Redirect from system path to alias (GlobalRedirect in core) #2871
840 Contact module roadmap: 80% usecase of Webforms in core #3808
841 [DX] backdrop_process_states: Introduce a new `primary`/`secondary` set of states for submit buttons #3441
842 [D8] Manage form display: Allow managing form fields non-programmatically #5219
843 [D8] Port and merge Internationalization Views in core #1375
844 Add a default 'posts' view to core #2152
845 [UX] Image Library view: Dynamic number of items per page #4560
846 [UX] Change layout 'Visibility conditions' links to a drop button #4529
847 Add per-bundle token info to hook_token_info() #5707
848 [UX] add the ability to order menus #3003
849 [UX] Add # anchors to blocks in the Layout UI. #1724
850 [DX] Save Dev time, make a console notice for Backdrop.behaviours #4116
851 [UX] Inject "mini modules forms" in various places where it makes sense #5949
852 [UX][DX] provide utility functions to retrieve field labels #3620
853 [UX] Dashboard block to highlight recent and notable bug fixes or feature updates #5438
854 [D8] Include Tour module in core #89
855 [D10] Layouts/blocks: Add visibility condition for 200/403/404 response codes #6016
856 Add a link to the page on module list for each module #5003
857 Implement <time> tag for time stamps in core, e.g. date posted, comment date #2416
858 Consolidate maintenance-related settings either in $state or $config #4723
859 [DX] Add a Production/Development Toggle to core. #1144
860 Add ability to skip running tests on PR #5575
861 Config management diff: Rename "Old" and "New" to something more meaningful #3221
862 Run tests for releases after project published ZIP file #1964
863 [D8] Form API: Introduce proper #types for 'option' and 'optgroup', and make #options consistent. #4312
864 [DX] Form API: Allow individual options in select elements to be set to disabled #5837
865 [UX] Fix hook_update_dependencies() so it won't skip necessary updates #2852
866 [UX] add a hook_requirements check for disabled modules, not uninstalled #3778
867 [D8][UX] Add a toggle in the admin bar for showing/hiding contextual links on mobile #3417
868 [UX][D8] Merge the "List links" and "Edit menu" operations into a single administration page. #475
869 [DX][D8] Allow entity types to specify canonical and additional URIs #5212
870 [UX] Link to the Layouts admin page from the Custom blocks admin page. #1360
871 When using a term reference field only show the term options that are in the current language #4774
872 [UX] When error messages are set to "None", show number of php critical errors in the admin bar badge. #2138
873 [DX] [CMI] Add a site-wide concept of storage state (like ctools) #1345
874 Deprecate watchdog() #4749
875 [UX] Change tags field display to use 'tag blocks' when entering tags #2121
876 Allow text formats to be cloned. #4501
877 [D10][PS] CSS and JavaScript aggregation performance improvements #5718
878 [UX] Views: better indicate which View Displays and Sections are affected by a change #2985
879 [DX] Provide a version of check_plain() that does not escape (for RSS feeds) #4112
880 [DX] Provide an easy way to add classes to the wrapper tags of form elements #3917
881 [UX][DX][A11Y] Start using inputmode for fields and form elements as appropriate #5964
882 Offer to remove module dependencies that are no longer needed #3582
883 Allow search result display to be controlled via view modes #829
884 [UX] Allow reordering of layouts from main Layouts page #5411
885 Enabling Backdrop-only required modules (e.g., Entity Plus) during upgrade from D7 #5499
886 [D10] Date fields: Allow the "time ago" formatter to show as a fully cacheable time difference with JS #6022
887 [SEO][META] Provide some basic SEO meta tags OOTB #4995
888 Menu router refactoring #2400
889 [DX] Form API: Be able to tell system_settings_form() to ignore some form elements, without having to use a custom submit handler #4713
890 [UX] Allow selecting a layout for a view page from the view add/edit form. #1130
891 Feature to add multiple Layouts together #5585
892 SMTP / PHPMailer module in core #3199
893 [UX] New interface for editing, previewing, and saving theme settings #1949
894 Add permission for users to be able to administer their own contact form #4292
895 EntityStorageException: The username and email are both addresses that do not match. (But what are they?) #5857
896 [A11Y] Switch Admin Bar to using Smart Menus #2809
897 [META][D8][UX] Convert all confirmation pages to confirmation dialogs instead. #3769
898 [UX] Allow switching the menu being used for a menu block. #3410
899 [UX] Provide a theme switcher. #1711
900 [DX][D9] Telemetry: gather Server Timing performance metrics #5183


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