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These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS.  All the issues you see here are issues tagged with the label "type - feature request" from the Backdrop CMS core issue queue. 

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
701 Add option to set a maximum age of log messages #2243
702 [UX] Allow switching the menu being used for a menu block. #3410
703 [DX] Disabling a field should not update the weights of all fields #5755
704 Allow anonymous users to use a SESSION variable to set timezone #4612
705 [UX] Project Browser: Move the pages where one can **MANAGE** installed modules/themes/layouts as separate primary tabs under a single top-level menu item. #1780
706 Replace user-picture.tpl.php with a theme function #555
707 Add a wrapper to make tables "responsive" #6008
708 [DX][D8] Allow config files to have dependencies #4188
709 Add a simple way in core to define private and public access for nodes/entities. #1407
710 Provide an actual maintenance mode #3060
711 [UX] Introduce button group UI component #2643
712 [DX] Provide an easy way to add classes to the wrapper tags of form elements #3917
713 [Meta] Available updates report not as complete as Drupal 7 report #6252
714 Expand the "Global settings" fieldset when creating new fields #5345
715 [D8][WP] Move to trash instead of deleting. #2498
716 Offer to remove module dependencies that are no longer needed #3582
717 Allow taxonomy term for layout block visibility #5612
718 Allow to filter interface translation for "context" with "contains" (LIKE) #4940
719 Backdrop release procedure enhancement #1987
720 [UX] Make node title a proper (sortable too) field. a.k.a. Title module in core. #933
721 [UX] When a new content type is created, automatically assign permissions to the "Editor" role #5885
722 [UX] When there is only one menu item in a section, don't list #4386
723 [UX] Have a "Contact" menu item be enabled and added to the primary navigation by default when enabling contact.module. #1572
724 [UX] More info on field removal #3262
725 [UX] Display a Welcome page after upgrading Backdrop to the latest version #1225
726 [UX][D8] Create/select layout for specific content type from the content type add/edit form. #2894
727 [DX] Allow `theme_get_setting()` to return a default value - like `settings_get()` and `update_variable_get()` do #6107
728 Split 'Administer site configuration' into more specific permissions #3761
729 [UX][DX] When a module is enabled, automatically set a message containing the link to configure #5135
730 [DX] Switch to a simplified array syntax for database connection information in settings.php #2231
731 [D8] Views Content Cache #3399
732 Status page: Provide information about the security coverage of the currently-installed minor version #5759
733 [SR] Add a minimum length setting for passwords #4589
734 [A11Y] Convert core to use EM's for all @media and font-sizes #1775
735 [UX] admin bar search results should not be allowed to span further than the page height. #520
736 Request to add a link to project pages for modules on Functionality page #4179
737 [D8] Port and merge Local Image Input Filter in core #1384
738 [UX] Move new password show/hide toggle to inside the password fields. #3046
739 [UX] Layout path selection: Make it more user friendly #2618
740 Add display of file details to the 'manage file' form. #3904
741 Administration Bar module should not use popup #6270
742 Dashboard: Add a Configuration Manager widget #5322
743 [UX] Consider replacing the block title type drop-down with an always required (and unique) block title field. #2483
744 Add allowed_values_function to list field UI #3565
745 Separate the Term Reference field from Taxonomy module #5633
746 Extend the "Hide path display" feature ("page-less nodes") to other core entities #4912
747 [UX] Add bulk operations (update/delete) in the URL path aliases list. #1979
748 [UX] disable "upload" button on file widget until file has been selected #908
749 [DX] Form API: Allow specifying alternative configuration settings for elements using `system_settings_form()`, without having to use custom submit handler #4102
750 Display default views on a separate tab #4369
751 [D8] Ensure that entries are written to watchdog table #63
752 Prepend the content type name in the "Permissions" vtab permission names when creating a content type. #1539
753 Add function that returns default config #3251
754 Use database independent calls to initialize the testing cache. #2888
755 [UX] Rename "Configuration" to "Settings" #1161
756 [UX] Redirect from system path to alias (GlobalRedirect in core) #2871
757 Clean-up of Database after Migration from Drupal 7.x #6109
758 Convert /admin/content/book to a View #3735
759 CKEditor5 Sections #5115
760 Add a default 'posts' view to core #2152
761 [UX] Add HTML5 Date Widget Support to Views Exposed Form #5768
762 [UX] Provide a report page that lists all configured paths where files are being saved. #4585
763 Add new image style effect: mirror/flip vertically, horizontally and both. #1762
764 Improve the styling of color input elements in the admin theme #4155
765 [D8] Port and merge Internationalization Views in core #1375
766 [DX] Implement hook_hook_info() to help organize module code #3024
767 [UX] List modules that need to be enabled on the config sync page #2604
768 Installer module should check for file-write permissions #3893
769 [UX] Create a consistent and responsive step wizard for update.php and install.php #6290
770 [D8][DX] Allow themes to declare dependencies on modules and layout templates #5316
771 [UX] Layout UI: Per-block "dirty" form messages. #2430
772 [DX] CMI: see if we can make those "storage" numbers in .json files less cryptic. #3562
773 Add a localization concept for user-provided strings to core #4894
774 Add semantic markup to layouts #1970
775 Provide a views filter handler for project properties #5904
776 Reuse test prefixes instead of rebuilding them for each test #4353
777 [DX] Revert field storage back to Drupal 6 style normalized tables #56
778 Allow a layout to be selected on multiple paths. #1528
779 Upscaling in out-of-the-box image style 'Large'. #3232
780 Config management diff: Rename "Old" and "New" to something more meaningful #3221
781 [DX] Add a Production/Development Toggle to core. #1144
782 [UX] Fix hook_update_dependencies() so it won't skip necessary updates #2852
783 Consider adding an easy way to provide click-to-copy functionality in core #6135
784 Allow attributes to be passed to backdrop_add_css() and backdrop_add_js() (SRI) #5478
785 Installer should check digital signatures when downloading a package #3714
786 Allow to trigger the site status alert (red button) remotely #5097
787 [UX] When error messages are set to "None", show number of php critical errors in the admin bar badge. #2138
788 Add link to installer on module list for missing modules #5792
789 [UX] Add a token-browser-like PHP date format helper dialog #4556
790 [UX] Add # anchors to blocks in the Layout UI. #1724
791 [UX][D8] Merge the "List links" and "Edit menu" operations into a single administration page. #475
792 CSS Architecture with SASS, SMACSS, and BEM #4129
793 [UX] Link to the Layouts admin page from the Custom blocks admin page. #1360
794 [UX] add the ability to order menus #3003
795 Allow some markup in views descriptions. #3885
796 View configuration UI: Add indicator denoting rewritten fields #5287
797 Implement <time> tag for time stamps in core, e.g. date posted, comment date #2416
798 [DX][META] Introduce functions similar to views_get_views_as_options() for other things #3545
799 Add 'Save user(s)' action #5656
800 Log warnings when projects are encountered without a 'type' #4866


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