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These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS.  All the issues you see here are issues tagged with the label "type - feature request" from the Backdrop CMS core issue queue. 

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
101 Get rid of all Backdrop markers in HTML page source #4817
102 Allow admin theme CSS for dialogs to be used on front-end #2659
103 Can we add a class to the admin tabs? #4207
104 "Create new revision by default" doesn't enable revisions #6103
105 [UX] Add visibility conditions for menu location #3867
106 [UX] Add charts to the dashboard #3529
107 Add cropping to default image styles #5590
108 [UX] Use Javascript to complete block Admin label fields based on Display title #1523
109 Make problems with layout blocks more discoverable. #2320
110 [UX] [Layouts UI] Consider adding a side-by-side live preview. #986
111 Add ability to edit a revision's message #5861
112 [DX] Allow Config::get()/config_get() to specify a default - same as update_variable_get() #5453
113 [Multisite] Provide option for installing global or site-specific projects via the UI #3274
114 Ability to specify absolute or relative links only in Link fields #1158
115 [D8][UX] Merge Special Menu Items module functionality in core (allow <nolink> and <separator> menu items). #1840
116 Creating multiple fields simultaneously while creating a content type #292
117 'Unused' module detector #5020
118 Site-wide settings for file garbage collection #2896
119 [UX] Provide options-element-like UI for the "Style List" text area for text formats #4385
120 [DX] Allow combining the types of placeholders for the t() function, and introduce a new one for text that should be wrapped in code/pre tag HTML tags #6190
121 Add an upgrade path for CKEditor module #3684
122 Use config for color module palettes #2554
123 Allow Access to Image Library for Core Hero Block #5739
124 [D8] Port and merge Internationalization in core (feature parity with D8). #1374
125 [DX] Make certain field values and entity properties available during save. #2032
126 [UX] Make block titles required and allow them to be hidden. #692
127 Include Link Sanitize tests from D7 contrib module #5613
128 [PS][D9] Dynamic Page Cache add in Backdrop core #5217
129 [META] Improve the project screenshots functionality in the project browser #3061
130 Add option to to allow skipping troublesome tests. #4607
131 Support SVG in Image Library #5541
132 [D8] Date fields: Support both future/past dates at the same time with the "time ago" formatter #6021
133 [DX] Form API #states: support 'regex' and 'less'/'greater' (than) for value comparison #4781
134 Allow regions titles #2647
135 [DX] Introduce a `config_delete()` function, and improve/fix documentation around config deletion. #4186
136 Introduce new "View own published content" #6397
137 Dashboard block: Translations #3852
138 [A11Y] Make collapsible fieldset accessible #6408
139 Allow specifying optional tags for blocks #3837
140 [UX] [multilingual] Translated blocks are too hard to use #3514
141 The farbtastic color picker is unmaintained since 2017 - replace with a modern/maintained alternative #5598
142 [UX] Allow multiple screenshots for modules themes and layouts #1517
143 [UX] Add back the hide/show descriptions toggle in the Configuration page (/admin/config). #979
144 Add global site logo token #5871
145 Move "Expanded" option for Menu Items to Block settings #5428
146 Ensure Backdrop deletes all files it puts into /tmp #3253
147 [UX] Allow image styles to be ordered/sorted. #1141
148 [UX] Layouts: Visibility conditions (and contexts): Entity ID text fields with autocomplete fields (or entity browser?). #1822
149 [DX][BC] Replace module_load_include() with new, more generic function #206
150 Link module: validate internal links and ensure protocol-less URLs can pass validation #5000
151 Refactor the generation of SQL for dates and times into the database driver #2890
152 Easier/better way to revert Views' settings #4368
153 Display the field machine_name along with the label on the display mode #6200
154 Add an upgrade path from menu_block to core menu blocks. #3681
155 [UX] Maintenance mode: Do not render the "Create new account" tab, the navigation menu and the account menu when in the "Log in" or "Reset password" pages. #2529
156 [DX][D9] Add the ability to deprecate the name (and value?) of entries in settings.php #5740
157 [DX] Remove unused item attributes (per delta) on fields #1352
158 [UX] CKEditor/Rich text editor image sizing needs to be optional. #2010
159 [UX] Config import should search recursively for config files to import #661
160 Add a language switcher to the admin bar when locale is enabled #5983
161 [D9] Users must verify email when changing user email addresses #5210
162 [UX] Views save/cancel buttons are at the top right #3054
163 [SEO][WP] Text formats: Introduce new filter to enable native browser-level loading=lazy attribute for images added to text areas. #4587
164 [UX] Views: Offer an option for the pager to start counting from 1 instead of 0 #5566
165 [D10] Views page displays: Provide a new option to use the admin theme #6025
166 [UX] Menu link items should be kept in sync with their respective content titles #4759
167 [UX] Add links for quick access to editing things like the layout, theme, etc. of the current page #2626
168 [UX] Add path settings to file pages #4176
169 Showcase core features during install #4138
170 Add a "Make Permanent" action for the manage files listing #3825
171 Front page to be configurable by language #3500
172 Better styling for UI links in book module #5609
173 Transliteration: smarter "retroactive" transliteration of existing file names. #1506
174 [UX] Decide when to add 'block' to the end of block admin titles, and do so consistently. #2255
175 [UX] Allow the admin bar to be shown/hidden via a toggle #970
176 [D8][DX] Provide a generic 'entity_autocomplete' Form API element #5879
177 [DX] Add settings/page for contextual links settings #5404
178 [DX] Add entity_get_bundles() as a convenient method for getting the label of a bundle. #3243
179 [UX] Layout UI: Visibility conditions: URL path: Allow browsing and selecting pages. #1129
180 Add an option (checkbox) in the layout settings for "Page title type" that enables/disables appending the " | [site-name]" part to the page <title>. #1790
181 [DX] Support a way to declare conflicts in .info files #4993
182 Bulk delete taxonomy terms #2875
183 Upgrade UI module (similar to Migrate UI in D8) to help with moving from D7 #4345
184 Don't hard-code the line wrapping in backdrop_mail() and _backdrop_wrap_mail_line() #6237
185 [A11Y] Provide a dark (or high-contrast) version of Seven #3990
186 [UX] Add youtube field, or video embed field to core. Integrate with media library. #3661
187 [UX] Project Browser: Merge the pages in the UI where one can **INSTALL** a module, theme or layout into a single primary tab, under a single top-level menu item. #1701
188 [UX] Clarify Field Type choices on Field Settings page #2508
189 Allow user/module to disable theme_debug for particular templates or modules #5746
190 [D8] Add a phone field type #1342
191 Create redirects for bulk alias delete #1993
192 [UX] differing interface patterns for "add new" and "save order" in different places in core #573
193 [DX] Add `#indentation` property to FAPI elements. #5999
194 Create a field_storage_exists() function #5180
195 [D9][UX] Add a user-friendly parent menu browser in the content add/edit form. #3029
196 [META][UX] Better "Recent content" block #4576
197 Setting intelligent defaults during content type fields creation #291
198 [DX] [D8] Add a `validate()` method to entity classes #6061
199 Pre-compress Files With Brotli And Fallback To Gzip #4743
200 UX Idea: Allow rewriting the output of fields on display (without having to use views or custom code). #2608


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