Welcome to the Backdrop CMS feature survey. This is your opportunity to help prioritize core features. The results of this survey will advise core developers as to what the community would find most valuable.

We ask you to vote for up to 10 features. These are features that you would most like to see included in future releases of Backdrop CMS. You can change your vote as often as you like. You must be logged in to vote. A list of your current votes can be found on your user profile page.

All issues with the label "type - feature request" in the core issue queue should be eligible to be voted on.

# GitHub Issue title Issue # Vote for this feature # of votes
101 Request to add a link to project pages for modules on Functionality page #4179
102 CKEditor: Figure out a way to clear its cache so that plugin changes show up right away. #3460
103 Allow non-administrative users the ability to publish/unpublish/schedule content #815
104 [UX] Add a 'visible' property to display modes #3082
105 [UX] When error messages are set to "None", show number of php critical errors in the admin bar badge. #2138
106 Allow admin theme CSS for dialogs to be used on front-end #2659
107 [UX] Add # anchors to blocks in the Layout UI. #1724
108 [SR][UX][DX] Provide a `sensitivetext` formAPI element that pulls from settings as well as state #5136
109 [UX] Project installer: Provide link to update report from installer update tab #4471
110 Convert /admin/content/book to a View #3735
111 [UX] Make the theme preview thumbnail clickable and show larger version of screenshot (à la lightbox). #1127
112 [UX] Views: Offer an option for the pager to start counting from 1 instead of 0 #5566
113 [UX] Views: better indicate which View Displays and Sections are affected by a change #2985
114 [DX] Make certain field values and entity properties available during save. #2032
115 [UX] Streamline the process of disabling and uninstalling modules (a.k.a. "Uninstallation queue"). #2532
116 Allow core libraries to be served via CDN #1593
117 Dashboard block to highlight recent and notable bug fixes or feature updates #5438
118 Add a link to the BackdropCMS.org page on module list for each module #5003
119 Add a simple way in core to define private and public access for nodes/entities. #1407
120 Easier/better way to revert Views' settings #4368
121 [UX] Admin Bar: Make "Development" a top-level menu item #3652
122 [UX] Include the "+ Add condition" link/button and the "Remove"/"Configure" links in the "Conditions" fieldset of the #1025
123 The farbtastic color picker is unmaintained since 2017 - replace with a modern/maintained alternative #5598
124 Feature request for Internal Redirects #3940
125 Upscaling in out-of-the-box image style 'Large'. #3232
126 Admin interface for manual garbage collection #2898
127 [UX] Automatically sanitize the value of URL alias fields (remove preceding/trailing slashes and make sure the path is not absolute). #1957
128 Menu router refactoring #2400
129 Use smart dictionaries for object compression #1511
130 Dashboard: Add a Configuration Manager widget #5322
131 Extend the "Hide path display" feature ("page-less nodes") to other core entities #4912
132 [D8][DX] Form API: Backport D8 `html_tag` element changes #3892
133 [UX] Rename "taxonomy" to "Categorization" in the user interface #203
134 1.15 [UX] Follow-ups for auto menu settings in core #4251
135 Add HTML5 Placeholder to form inputs #3561
136 [UX] Views UI: in place rearrange of fields, filter and sort criteria. #963
137 Consider exposing `form_cache_expiration` and/or providing an option so that it can be cleared along with other caches. #3191
138 [DX] Allow nested form elements to be attached to radio and checkbox options. #2304
139 [SR] Facilitate 2FA+MultiFactor compatibility (2FA/two-factor -> MFA/multi-factor) #2788
140 Update.php should automatically apply any new configuration defaults #1832
141 [DX][D8] Allow entity types to specify canonical and additional URIs #5212
142 When using a term reference field only show the term options that are in the current language #4774
143 [UX] Admin bar: Move "Add new X" to the bottom of each fly-out menu #4586
144 Feature/Package Module Proposal #1238
145 Enabling Backdrop-only required modules (e.g., Entity Plus) during upgrade from D7 #5499
146 [UX] Add path settings to file pages #4176
147 [UX] combine different kinds of views link fields #3457
148 VBO: option for separate button per action & option to override labels #802
149 [UX] Add a log-in form to the update.php page, and expose it to anonymous users ONLY when db updates are pending. #3078
150 Update 'Syndicate' block allow selection of available feeds #2136
151 [D8] CKEditor: Allow Image Styles to be used with inline images #2658
152 [UX] do not lock the admin bar when a modal is active. #1721
153 [UX][DX] When a module is enabled, automatically set a message containing the link to configure #5135
154 [D8] Trim summary on word boundary #599
155 [UX] Project installer: Clarify reason that the server does not support automatic updates #4470
156 [WP] Support HTML formatted emails in core #3727
157 Add an 'URL alias update queue' for entities associated with an updated entity #1124
158 Missing a possibility to get a books mlid value for views #5565
159 Add a global/standardized way to add icon to external links #4047
160 [UX] CKeditor: Allow the Styles dropdown to use tag names (for easy use of the <small> tag) #2980
161 [UX] Pathauto follow-up: implement autocomplete on fields that support tokens (when the user types "[") #2017
162 [UX] Maintenance mode: Do not render the "Create new account" tab, the navigation menu and the account menu when in the "Log in" or "Reset password" pages. #2529
163 Security: Consider adding an option to load public forms through AJAX. #1592
164 Move "Expanded" option for Menu Items to Block settings #5428
165 Link module: validate internal links and ensure protocol-less URLs can pass validation #5000
166 Make 'gid' column in 'node_access' table VARCHAR #1396
167 [UX] Provide a menu-centric workflow for creating the website structure (à la content_menu) #434
168 [UX] Block config: Prevent the user from accidentally creating conditions that never/always display a block. #1021
169 Add new PR template, with reminder to reference an issue #5605
170 Allow deleting uninstalled/unused modules/themes/layouts from the filesystem via the admin UI #3939
171 Basis theme killer feature: Automatically generate color scheme from provided brand (logo/colors) #3231
172 File entity setting for garbage collection #2897
173 [DX] Config uses the term 'clear', change it to 'remove' or something more intuitive #2387
174 Add a "remove" UI for modules & themes (& layouts?) #5320
175 [D8][UX] Add a "Placeholder" input field to Views Exposed Filters to allow HTML5 Placeholder #4910
176 Browse Server Button on Link Dialog in Ckeditor so a list of files on the site can be displayed #4688
177 Build a flexible "JSON consumer" block for Dashboard #3891
178 Put all search results on a single page (with facets?) #1330
179 Content creation page cleanup #202
180 More replacement tokens for node urls #4239
181 Add pagers to watchdog entries #3546
182 Remove the "Layout" part from the layout names in the layouts list. #945
183 Support tokens in Views "Global: custom text" field #3189
184 VBO: Allow bulk enabling/disabling comments on existing content. #2297
185 [UX] add "Allow Upscaling" checkbox to crop, and scale and crop effects #2763
186 [UX] Layout UI: Template radios: the way we indicate a "selected" template is too subtle (and same as the hover-over indication). #1824
187 [D9] Users must verify email when changing user email addresses #5210
188 [UX] Menu link items should be kept in sync with their respective content titles #4759
189 [UX] Provide a report page that lists all configured paths where files are being saved. #4585
190 [META][UX][DX] Overhaul User module permissions and the respective admin UI #3815
191 [UX] Display a Welcome page after upgrading Backdrop to the latest version #1225
192 [SR][UX] Flood control: Better workflow and allow users to self-serve #5522
193 [D8] Introduce a new example.local.settings.php file #4173
194 Allow obsolete config strings to be culled from localization table #3452
195 [UX] Explore the idea of converting the "Save"/"Cancel" text to links in the messages of "dirty" forms. #789
196 Reconfiguring the administrative layout #3072
197 Establish a "fonts" directory in a place where it can be shared between core and contrib themes. #2127
198 Allow deleting modules/themes/layouts via the "Uninstall" function of Project Installer. #2648
199 [UX] Provide a theme switcher. #1711
200 [UX] Create more intuitive behavior for "Customize" button to manage displays #5129


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